Why aren’t people’s senses being augmented with technology?  I look around and I see people using decades old technologies to counter diminished and fading capabilities.  Eyeglasses, contacts and hearing aids are in use but have only incrementally changed over time.  Where are the big breakthroughs?

Augmentation.  Augmented humans.  Human augmentation.  There are opportunities.

Contact lenses can’t help all vision deficiencies. Contact lenses are a fixed correction, not dynamic.  Progressive lenses are a complex form of external eyewear, but they are still a somewhat fixed correction, limited to a narrow field of good vision requiring constant adjustment of head position to maintain good focus.

Hearing aids just amplify.  I have seen posts and articles about some new products that amplify, dampen or filter certain sound frequencies for the wearer but these are presented as recent developments and are not widely available.

There are opportunities to augment people’s senses.  I wish I had …..

  • Dynamic lenses that focus wherever my eyeballs point no matter what position my head is in
  • Night vision, no more stumbling my way up movie theater stairs
  • Selective audio that locates, shrines off and completely eliminates that annoying sound (conversation?)