Sunday Morning Science

Fighting superstition and the post-factual world view

This morning’s science session was composed of readings and discussions in General Chemistry.  The sacred text used was General Chemistry,, authors NipplesMeCool and Orngjce223.

We learned about:

  • Properties and states of matter
  • Atomic numbers and mass numbers
  • The Mole 

6.022 x 1023 atoms

  • and early history of theories into atomic structure

Hail Science!

Digital Twins

Applications for Digital Twins


A digital representation of:

• me that can interact with others for simpler tasks like scheduling, making reservations or routine purchases.
• my health data.  Makes all data available at once to health care providers.  Receives test results and updates and adds them to the current representation of my health data
• my financial data – balances, history, credit score, payments due, etc.
• my values and preferences that would guide me while travelling, shopping, purchasing or deciding what to do or where to go.  It would guide me (via voice, wearable or AR) to the action or choice which best fit my values and preferences.
• my goals and desired outcomes.  It would recognize decision points and guide me to the choice that gives me my best desired outcome.
• my current physical state.
• my current biochemistry
• my  genome
• my microbiome – a digital representation of the DNA of all my microbial symbionts
• a model correlating recent objective and subjective changes in my health with changes in my microbiome, physical attributes and biochemistry

Health monitoring

• Tell me (or directly contact my healthcare provider) when one of my health metrics falls outside of acceptable bounds.

− Combine this with nano-sensors for real-time internal monitoring of physical characteristics.  This could include chemical attributes as well as common vital signs.

Device/Machine Representation for maintenance and sustenance

• A digital representation of the current state of a device or machine – current physical characteristics (temperature, location, vibration, etc.)
• A detailed history of all operations of the device/machine
• Planned or needed events – supplies replacements, maintenance needed, upgrades, etc.
• A pseudo-intelligence avatar of the device for interfacing with it.

Device/Machine Representation for Marketing and Business Opportunities

• A digital representation of all usage, sales, selections on the device or machine

– Can be used to analyze and classify the most desired features or products
– Can identify offerings/features to discontinue and new offerings or products to pursue.
– Can be mined for product improvements and/or new product or feature development.

Comparison of performance and characteristics across a fleet or collection of identical or similar devices


Device digital twins

BMX bike digital twin

GE Digital Twin

Technologies for the Next 10 Years

Below are some emerging technologies that are likely to be to be significant in the next several years.

• NanoSensors
• Internet of Nano Things
• Synthetic biology
• Block Chain
• 2-dimensional materials
• Systems metabolic engineering – feedstocks from microbes
• Power from the air
• Microscale 3D Printing
• Digital twins
• Machine Learning
• Deep Learning
• Human Microchip Implants
• Very small chipsets
• Augmented Reality
• 3D Printing

15 listed.  Need to narrow the list down to no more than 5.  The plan is to look at what would be at the intersection of these subjects and see what interesting projects might be there.  With 5 selected, the number of intersections to examine is 10 (combinations, order doesn’t matter, throw out repeats).  My scheme to narrow the list was to rank them based on my level of excitement for each, height of the barrier to entry, steepness of the learning curve, sparsity (a made up word meaning the relative number of people working in that area) and a cheaty booster score to make sure the ones I really liked wound up in the top 5.

The top 5 are:

Some Links
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