Mold Test #1 – Oatmeal Blurp

I did a first test with the Oatmeal Blurp mold tonight.  The test was partially successful with many things learned.


  • The mold basically works.  It creates the desired shape.
  • The mold design to make the “tightener nipples” gave much better results than expected.


  • The mold has a bow in it ( or ? ) causing a shallow spot which yields a thin area in the finished piece. 
  • The stock silicone rubber components (no additives) cured to a hardness value that was too low.   The resulting piece was floppy and would not function as needed. 
  • The protuberant mold screws led to difficulties in applying the putty knife to spreading and leveling the goop. 

    For iteration 2 ……

    • Rebuild the mold to insure that it’s flat and eliminate or countersink the screws.
    • Make the mold plates from a material that is less brittle than the acrylic currently used.
    • Figure out the right combination of additives so that the finished piece is stiffer.  Make the mold deeper to make the finished piece thicker also?