Technologies for the Next 10 Years

Below are some emerging technologies that are likely to be to be significant in the next several years.

• NanoSensors
• Internet of Nano Things
• Synthetic biology
• Block Chain
• 2-dimensional materials
• Systems metabolic engineering – feedstocks from microbes
• Power from the air
• Microscale 3D Printing
• Digital twins
• Machine Learning
• Deep Learning
• Human Microchip Implants
• Very small chipsets
• Augmented Reality
• 3D Printing

15 listed.  Need to narrow the list down to no more than 5.  The plan is to look at what would be at the intersection of these subjects and see what interesting projects might be there.  With 5 selected, the number of intersections to examine is 10 (combinations, order doesn’t matter, throw out repeats).  My scheme to narrow the list was to rank them based on my level of excitement for each, height of the barrier to entry, steepness of the learning curve, sparsity (a made up word meaning the relative number of people working in that area) and a cheaty booster score to make sure the ones I really liked wound up in the top 5.

The top 5 are:

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